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New Space, Who This? | The Profound Foods Kitchen Incubator

We're baking up something profoundly special

Welcome to our new space!

Our little Bakeshop has some big news to share! We are profoundly excited to announce our acceptance into Profound Foods’ Kitchen Incubator program. Partnering with Profound Foods gives us access to a commercial kitchen space - and so much more. Read on to find out why we’re so excited for this new venture!

Who is Profound Foods?

Here’s Profound Foods founders Jeff and Lee Bednar, in their own words: In 2014 we bought 2.6 acres in Lucas, TX and established Profound Microfarms. After three years of building the farm, learning hydroponic methods, and building industry relationships, we made our first sale, to a Chef! We saw an opportunity in working with Chefs and focused on Dallas’ burgeoning farm to table restaurant scene. We grew niche products for chefs, delivered to restaurants, and worked around the clock to build a solid reputation for quality and consistency.

In 2018, we received a USDA grant to create a local “food hub” - Profound Foods - which is a business that helps small farmers and producers grow by offering a combination of production, distribution, and marketing services. Initially open exclusively to professional Chefs, Profound Foods grew very rapidly and by the end of 2019 was serving 130 restaurants! We began retail sales in March of 2020 in response to Covid-19, offering weekly delivery and pickup options for home consumers.

- Lee & Jeff Bednar

Basically, Profound Foods is an aggregator of local farmers and producers like us, where you can get a farmer’s market worth of local, Chef quality ingredients and products, delivered right to your door - or as we call it here at the bakeshop - InstaMart! We were fans of the movement first, then retail customers, then commercial customers, then vendors, and now beneficiaries of the Bednar's dedication to creating a community of passionate, local food supporters through their Profound brand!

What is a Kitchen Incubator?

A business incubator is a program designed to help young startups innovate and grow. They provide workspaces, mentorship, education and access to investors for startups or sole entrepreneurs, and that’s exactly what Jeff’s goal is for his latest venture! The Profound Foods Kitchen Incubator has already had less formally structured successes Chef Nick Walker of Irreverent Concepts, and we were both thrilled and humbled when Jeff approached us to be the first official business accepted into the program. We are looking forward to sharing our skills with other small businesses and producers as much as we are having a commercial workspace and mentors of our own!

What does this mean for First Bite Bakeshop?

As you can see, being a part of Profound Foods local food movement is KIND of a big deal! It’s only with the support of our family, friends, and loyal customers like YOU that we are able to say YES, YES, YES to this amazing opportunity. We are excited to continue bringing you along on our journey creating beautiful, delicious bakes - made with local ingredients and a dash of whimsy! Keep up with all the latest Bakeshop happenings on social media @firstbitebakeshop, and remember to tag us with your first bites! - Stacy

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