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Now Presenting First Bite Bakeshop

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Women owned Bakery Takes First Bite of the new year!

When is a grapefruit not a grapefruit? When it’s a Pamplemousse! Pamplemousse Bakery and Market was founded in September 2020 by two colleagues turned partners, Stacy Gore and Liz Bliss. Offering a variety of French pastries and Texas bakes, as well as retail pantry staples and spice blends, Pamplemousse quickly gained fans of both sides of the business. The partners soon realized their grand vision was not going to be able to fully function under the Pamplemousse Market and Bakery brand, and they seized the opportunity to pivot their business and rebrand to First Bite Bakeshop! First Bite Bakeshop, now offers Event Catering and Dessert Bars to their already thriving Bakery and Retail Pantry Staples operations. First Bite Bakeshop had their soft launch on January 29, 2021, and their grand re-branding event is February 1, 2021.

The decision to rebrand allowed the company to expand their vision of what a Bakeshop could be. First Bite Bakeshop will continue to offer the same pastries and bakes made with old world techniques, premium and local ingredients, and modern flavors, as well as their robust retail staples and spice blends that customers have enjoyed under the Pamplemousse brand. With First Bite Bakeshop, event catering and dessert bar options have been added, and the market and pantry items retail line, including infused salts, sugars, spice mixes, and sauces has expanded.

When asked how they felt about transitioning into First Bite Bakeshop, the owners said...

Baker Bliss (Owner/Baker): "I’m thrilled to have experienced early success with Stacy under the Pamplemousse Market and Bakery brand and partnership. The opportunity to take the learnings from our business, make the changes necessary to further our success and expand our offerings is very exciting. I am grateful to have such an insightful and committed woman as a partner who challenges me personally and professionally, and brings a unique perspective to our business."

Chef Stacy (Owner/Baker): "By complete chance I met Bliss and what a blessing to my life she has been. Never would I have believed that I would be in a partnership running a bakery and creating my own line of retail offerings, canned goods, and spice blends - and selling them at Market! I always heard, “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.”. Oh how true that is!"

The team will continue to be flexible and adapt to the needs of their customers, provide high quality bakes, sweet and savory spice mixes , and delicious catered events and dessert bars.

First Bite Bakeshop is an ambitious, multi-faceted, culinary based business, founded, owned, and operated by two women. Established as Pamplemousse Market and Bakery in September 2020, and rebranded as First Bite Bakeshop in January 2021, they have included a number of different aspects under the brand, including traditional bakery offerings made with high quality, premium, sustainable, organic, and local ingredients, a robust line of pantry staples and spice blends, and event catering and dessert bars.

Contact the First Bite Team at

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