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Thanks for Being Here

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

First Bite Bakeshop Reflections

Today marks our first six months in business - and just look at us now! With the amount of change we have undergone in such a short amount of time, we took a minute to reflect on how much we have to be grateful for as a business. From new and completely different branding, additional catering and event options, expanding our retail pantry and spice offerings, and constantly changing seasonal menus, we have felt First Bite evolve into something we love and live by.

These women, so similar and yet so different, coming together to develop a brand designed to bring even more people together is more meaningful than any of us could have imagined. Liz and Stacy have found endless joy watching you all take your First Bites from the bakeshop, in your kitchens, and at your special events. Thank you for allowing us into your homes, hearts, and stomachs!

As we continue to grow, we can promise to remain sustainable, passionate, accountable, and inclusive. We promise to continue curating culinary experiences that encourage fun, curiosity, quality, and community. We want every Bite to be as memorable as the first.

We will not lose sight of this time. When our community was small and our dreams were big. When every order felt like the first. When every follow felt like a hug. These are the big things, and we are so happy you are all here for our journey.

While we can’t summarize all of the amazing changes we have in store, we can say that we have felt supported through this incredible journey by all of you! As a community you have given us motivation to keep going, to grow, and to change. Truly, we are forever grateful. Thank you for supporting all First Bite can become, you are all the reason it was possible.


Stacy & Liz

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